Human vs. Zombies: The Final Day

At least I’m told that it’s all over.

I came up to campus expecting a huge fight at 24 Hour Gaming Day, and the zombies and humans were talking to one another like nothing happened.

Do theses people not realize that we’ve been fighting tooth and nail now a week now?

As I write this at the Hess, I wonder how can I ever go back to the way things were? The things I’ve done and seen I will never forget.

The title may say final entry, but I feel like this is far from over.


Human vs. Zombies: Day 7

I’m seeing less and less humans as the days go by.

Today was probably the worst day in trying to survive. Between classes, I ran from Gruening to the Wood Center and I wasn’t spotted. That changed once inside because it was filled with zombies. They all stared me down and asked what I was up to and I tried to joke my way out of talking to them. As I walked around and tried to find an exit, they would follow me everywhere.

After two hours of hiding, I had my chance. I started to walk to Constitution Hall through the back exit but once notice me and chased me down. I ran to the stares and stopped on the bottom and he was at the top. I aimed by gun at him and told him I would shoot him if he followed me and he said wouldn’t. He then yelled out for his brethren and I darted for the door and got in safely. I laid low in the Hall for about 20 minutes, but I knew I needed to get off campus. I notice a long line of Jazz kids heading for the bus stops and I figured they could act as some camouflage. I got in line, walked to the bus stop and my ride came up just came as I showed up. I got on and I was safe for one more day.

There’s a rumor going around that the other survivors have found a cure, but it seems it seems that the zombies get the better of the big group of humans more often then not. I would join them, but I’m not confident that they know what to do.

As it stands now, Humans are being heavly outnumbered by zombies. As I write this, there are two zombies in my classroom and I find them looking at me out of the corner of my eye.

I’m the last of a dying breed and we all better hope this “cure” will save us.

Day 7: end

Human vs. Zombies: Days 5 and 6

Human vs. Zombies: Day 5 and 6

It’s been hard to get to a computer and it seems like things have gotten pretty bad.

I brought my knock off vulcan gun to campus yesterday, but it looked pretty dead so I left it in a hiding place.

Then all of a sudden at 1:00, all of Turtle Sex Park was crawling with zombies. I tried to make my way out of Gruening, but they were blocking all the exits and I was stuck in that building for about an hour and no lunch was had.

I know that its been getting harder to move on campus, but luckily I’ve been finding groups that convoy others around campus which has been nice.

I’m starting to notice though that nights seem to be pretty safe. The last couple of nights, I haven’t even seen a single zombie.

That was yesterday but today looks worse.

Today is the first day that the zombie count has outnumbered the human count and when I say outnumbered I mean by a large number.

Plus zombies are finding me off campus and asking me what I’m doing up at The U tomorrow. I give them some B.S. answer. There seems to be something about the grounds of UAF where they can only attack me there.

Thursday I think is going to be the hardest day for me to survive but I’m going to try my hardest. I mean, it would suck to turn on my birthday.

Day 5 and 6: end

Human vs. Zombies: Day 4

I almost got bit today.

I got out of my political econ class today and I needed to trek to The Wood Center for work. While walking there, someone was asking me what was with the Nerf gun and I told him about everything. I was into the conversation to much because I neglected to notice the zombies that were coming up on me.

Suddenly, I see a blur go right past me and tried to tackle a human in front of me. The human dodged but a second zombie came from the side like a raptor from Jurassic Park. The guy didn’t have a chance. Before they could get to me, I shot them and ran to the doors.

I’m looking at notes from other players and it isn’t looking good for us. What started out as a few zombies has now exploded to over 80 recorded zombies on campus.  I don’t even know what we can do.

Tomorrow is going to be a tough day. I have to be there all day and that means I’m going to have to watch my back. I think tomorrow is the time to pull out the big guns.

Day 4: end

Human vs. Zombies: Day 3

I decided that since school starts tomorrow, I should stay home and make sure I had enough supplies for tomorrow. 

I was running low on ammunition, but lucky for me I was still able to by supplies at the store. I notice that most of the section is bare though, Maybe there are more Humans then I thought.

Tomorrow is my first day back to class and I wonder how that’s going to go. What if there’s a zombie in my class? What do I do?

Well I’ll get to that problem when and if it comes up

Day 3: end

Human vs. Zombies: Day 2

So I’m not the only one.

While walking on campus I found a group of people who also knew what was going on. I tried to ask them what was going on and they said they were on the hunt and ran in to the Wood Center. They were wearing bandana’s on there shoulders but I didn’t think anything of it.

Later that night I went to The Great Cover Up at The Pub thinking that maybe I can help protect the venue. The walk up the hill was very quite and I didn’t see anybody. I walked into the Wood Center and it was obvious where everybody was with the line heading to the stairs. While in line I saw another group holding guns with bandana’s on there shoulder. I ran and asked them what was going on and they were surprised to see me. Evidently, I missed a horde of what they called zombies. I thought it was a bit clichéd to call them zombies, but if the shoe fits.

To think though, I was just mere minutes from being attacked. Jeeze.

They told me that all the “survivors” are wearing Bandanas as a sign of solidarity and knowing who’s on there side.  I was also told that the zombies have markings on there forehead so that will atleast help with who I need to watch.

With that they knew where the horde was going and were going to ambush them. I wished them luck and they left. I hope it ended well for them.

The rest of the night was uneventful.  No zombies made it in to The Pub and really, that’s all that matters.

Day 2: end

Humans vs. Zombies: Day 1

Day 1 of the Human’s Vs. Zombies

Rumor is 10 PM last night, there was someone strange on campus. It looked like us, but there was something off. Campus police searched but nobody was found. At 10:31, the sickness spread. Nobody knows where it started, but the effects are now known. Anybody infected are no longer human and are consuming others to stay alive.

The higher-ups on campus must be keeping the events under wraps because it seems like its business as usual with classes still going on as planned. Most people don’t seem to know what’s going on but I have to do something.

It seems like the only thing that has been hurting them is stunning them with foam darts. I don’t know if it’s the material in the foam or rubber, but when there shot, they don’t attack for about 15 minutes. Maybe it’s like 28 Days Later where they’ll die of hunger after a couple of day, but I can’t hope for that. I just have to save as many people as I can and hope this will end soon.

Day 1: end